digital signal

   Abbreviated DS; also known as digital service. There are several levels of common carrier digital transmission service:
   • DS-0 64Kbps.
   • DS-1 1.544Mbps (T1).
   • DS-1C
   Two DS-1 channels are multiplexed into a single DS-1C 3.152Mbps channel.
   • DS-2
   Two DS-1C channels are multiplexed into one DS-2 6.312Mbps (T2) channel.
   • DS-3
   Seven DS-2 channels are multiplexed into a single 44.736Mbps (T3) channel.
   • DS-4
   Six DS-3 channels are multiplexed into one 274.176Mbps (T4) DS-4 channel.
   The higher-capacity channels are constructed by multiplexing the lower-bandwidth channels together, with some additional framing and administrative overhead. DS-0 is also referred to as fractional T1, because it bridges the gap between 56-Kbps direct dial service (DDS) and a full T1 implementation.

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